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AWS Reviews and Consultancy

What are today's most daunting security challenges?

Reviews and consultancy objectives

How well protected are your information systems and applications? Where is your business exposed and what is the level of risk?


Validation of all AWS platform components with desired configurations to run production platform with focus on best practice, well-architected framework, and performance.


Detailed technical analysis of all AWS platform components (capacity, demand, and utilization review) and prepare technical documentation and improvement/refine framework.


Providing Systems, Infrastructure and Architecture leadership.

How well protected are your information systems and applications? Where is your business exposed and what is the level of risk?

General scope to review your overall infrastructure against best practices and the Well-Architected framework:

  1. AWS Well-Architected review
  2. AWS performance tuning
  3. AWS cost review
  4. AWS security review
  5. Improving your software pipeline
  6. Understanding and optimising for SLOs
  7. Targeted review to solve a problem or assess specific issues
  8. Optimising to match business priorities
  1. Account set up
  2. Account creation best practices and user provisioning to enable secure but efficient service procurement and configuration.
  3. Identity and access management
  4. Enable MFA for all root accounts
  5. Ensure [AWS] users are provisioned in an [AWS] org and have necessary privileges to accounts
  6. Enable MFA for all IAM-user accounts
  7. Integration with SSO or Active Directory
  8. Installation and configuration of AWS Directory Service for centralised credential management
  9. Architecture design review
  10. Defining optimum infrastructure/cloud services to suit application requirements
  11. Ensuring your application is deployed correctly for cloud services
  12. Enhancement performance
  13. Best practices for security
  14. VPC architecture
  15. VPC enabled using standard cloud configuration
  16. Security group (firewall) and ACL review and implementation
  17. Specific routing, bastion hosts, ingress and egress points
  18. Direct connections and/or VPN gateways
  19. Management VPC for enhanced security
  20. Resilience and scaling
  21. Design for high-availability — e.g. load-balancing, DNS and database replicas, auto-scaling groups
  22. Design for scalability — e.g. load-balancing, DNS and database replicas, auto-scaling groups, scaling thresholds, database sharing and optimisation, microservices deployment
  23. Design for multi-region — e.g. low-latency routing, data replication
  24. Log aggregation, monitoring and reporting
  25. Centralised logging of all cloud/infrastructure activity
  26. Collection of centralised logging of all application and host activity
  27. All log and audit data in a centralised and accessible platform for analysis, to deliver insights on business data

Fix problems, assess security and fine-tune performance.

Start with an AWS Well-Architected Review.

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