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Our work and thoughts.

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Our work

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Democratising cardholder-not-present payment security

When a new application was developed to help retailers protect their customers from the multi-billion-dollar problem of payment-card fraud, the team was tasked with transforming it from an expensive, complex on-premise…

Making a social-network platform fit for growth

A private social-network platform was hampered by infrastructure performance, scalability, security, reliability and cost issues that were liable to destroy any prospect of it achieving the business’s substantial potential. Called…

Our thinking

product led growth and the revolving door

Slowing the sales revolving door

Think before you look for another CRO; growth is now a team sport — one where product leads not follows. Enterprise-software sales is a revolving door that only ever seems to…
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The cloud cost trap

As a diligent investor of software firms, you want your portfolio companies to be lean, mean, growth machines. You certainly don’t want hundreds of thousands of dollars filling your cloud…
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Investor protection

For many investors in software start-ups, engineering is the least understood function and yet one of the biggest areas of executional risk. This need not be the case. Investor protection…

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