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Who we are

We're engineers and strategists who love helping companies build successful technology solutions to their customers' most challenging problems.

Our approach​

We love working with our customers to push boundaries, apply new thinking, technology and processes to address their most ambitious plans. In whatever we do, we endeavour to:

Find the right problems to solve

Leave a lasting legacy

Our war on waste

Too many great ideas fall by the wayside, or take herculean efforts to reach their desired destination.

Innovation is tough. Turning it into a sustainable business is even harder.

We believe that with smart use of the latest cloud technology, tightly coupled product development and strategy, that burden can be eased.

Our people

We have worked in startups and enterprises. We’ve built and sold businesses. We’ve made lots of mistakes. We’re always curious. And we’ve been around a bit.

Meet the leadership team who are driving our vision forward.

Our work

payments platform-1

Democratising cardholder-not-present payment security

When a new application was developed to help retailers protect their customers from the multi-billion-dollar problem of payment-card fraud, the team was tasked with transforming it from an expensive, complex on-premise…

Making a social-network platform fit for growth

A private social-network platform was hampered by infrastructure performance, scalability, security, reliability and cost issues that were liable to destroy any prospect of it achieving the business’s substantial potential. Called…

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