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WordPress Architecture on AWS

Ever wondered how you can win online with WordPress?

Benefits of running WordPress on AWS

Ever wondered how you can win online with WordPress? How do you go about building a resilient hosting infrastructure for your website which is fault-tolerant, to ensure maximum uptime, performance, availability, and scalability of your site?

Harness the power of Amazon’s infrastructure with WordPress content delivery. This architecture will also work for other content management systems eg. Drupal.


Our WordPress-optimized architecture provides a high-availability, scalability and fault-tolerant global infrastructure supported by the same virtual backbone that powers tech giants such as Amazon, Netflix and Apple.


Application instances are isolated in the private subnets and utilizes an end-to-end approach to secure its infrastructure, including physical, operational, and software measures.


Using AWS tools, websites and applications are able to scale up or down based on traffic demand and optimise costs.


We provide managed services including setup and configuration, clone and migration databases and WordPress structure and media, core updates, and proactive patching of the entire stack.

  1. Streamlining of current WordPress Site
  2. WP plugins, themes, modules review, file system and data base tidy up
  3. Investigating PHP site errors
  4. Bringing WP Engine and all currently used components up to date
  5. Research and recommendations for WordPress hosting provider to address stability and performance
  6. Domain provider and DNS migration to AWS Route 53
  7. WP site migration to the new hosting
  8. Post migration technical assistance
  9. Help setting up necessary site availability and performance monitoring

Ask our expert if your website migration to AWS benefits your business?