Product strategy

Whether you’re bringing a new product to market, scaling for growth or fixing faltering sales, we can help you accelerate your route to revenue

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Find that fit

Finding product/market fit can be the most challenging part of growing a successful technology business. 

Establishing the best market to start your journey; effectively positioning against competitors; devising a commercial model that optimises market and revenue goals; developing a proposition that resonates; formulating a low-friction high-growth strategy — all of these can make or break your plans.

We can help you minimise wrong turns, ensure you hit your target before the window closes.


Scale up

You’ve crossed the rubicon: you’ve got customer advocates and proved the opportunity. Now how do you seize it?

Shifting gear from market exploration to capture brings with it different challenges.

We can help by designing scalable operational processes for customer acquisition, retention and expansion; developing partner strategies that expand your reach; or maximising velocity through adoption of the latest thinking in product-led growth.

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Success rarely happens in a straight line.

When growth falters or profitability remains elusive, we can help analyse your situation, diagnose the causes and fix them.

We can provide the analytical horsepower, strategic thinking and business-transformation expertise to set you back on the right path — and bring employees, customers and shareholders on the journey.


Our work


Making a social-network platform fit for growth

A private social-network platform was hampered by infrastructure performance, scalability, security, reliability and cost issues that were liable to destroy any prospect of it achieving the business’s substantial potential. Called…

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