Technology security

Are you playing catch up with customers’ security expectations? Are you gapping on ISO27001, PCI-DSS or FedRAMP  compliance?

Relax: We can transform your platform security from a liability to an asset.

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Secure by design

Security is more important than ever. But it doesn’t have to be a brake on platform performance or efficiency.

We’ll find the design and operational vulnerabilities that matter, and address them without affecting solution performance, flexibility or scalability.

We know. We’ve built an award-winning PCI-DSS-accredited globally-scalable platform, and developed high-performance, high-security applications and implemented security information and event monitoring (SIEM) on an international scale.

Command and control

Effective security relies on layered defence — controls within every part of your engineering operations. From coding to testing to devsecops to platform monitoring to incident management.

We’ll help you build reliable change, devsecops and incident-response processes. 

Crucially, we’ll ensure you have effective SIEM operations. Because in containerised micro-service architectures, which can comprise thousands of discrete components, observability is king. We’ll ensure your ops and security teams have the right information at the right time to detect, prioritise, respond, contain and remediate.

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Sleep at night

Our goal is to get you on a path to secure, frictionless growth as quickly as possible.

That means not only removing the time and effort required to hire specialised resources, also accelerating the training and enablement of your security, operations and development teams — making your business not just fit for growth, but fit for the future.

Our work

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